Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uganda Update

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in on our blog and our adoption process!

Here are some updates, as well as some things about which you can be praying for us.

Heritage Trips

Uganda is considering implementing a new law that would require anyone who adopted from Uganda to take the child back to Uganda every five years for meetings with government officials (to check up on the kids) and rediscovering their place of birth.

The reasons for starting this are good, since the impetus is for the safety of the child. However, we do not feel like we would be able to afford this, especially since we are planning on adopting as many more times as we can. We also don't like the idea of a foreign government telling us what to do with our child, since they will most definitely be our child.

We would really appreciate your prayers for this. We still feel like we have been called to Uganda, but this potential law is making us question things. Our prayer is this: that either the law will not pass, or that our adoption will be final before it does.

In case the law does pass we are looking at other countries. We would like prayer for direction and wisdom in this matter.

Immigration and Money

Another potential roadblock in the process is money. The US Department of Immigration has certain financial requirements that must be met in order to allow a couple to adopt internationally. With my (Conor) current job, we do not meet this requirement. Please pray for us that we would be able to meet that requirement soon.

Which brings us to another prayer request. Conor just had an interview this afternoon with New Covenant Christian School in Anderson. We feel very good about this, and the interview went well. Please pray that, if it is God's will, He would bless us with this job. It is a dream job as far as teaching goes, and as a bonus, we would meet the requirements for Immigration and be able to continue with our adoption process. This would be a great relief for us and help us get back on track with the adoption.

Thank you all for reading this and for praying for us. We really appreciate it.

Conor, Carling, and Ciahna


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