Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Praise!

God is good!

We heard back from our agency regarding the heritage trips. Here's what the Ugandan lawyer had to say.

It is not true that Uganda passed a law requiring adoptive families to make return trips to Uganda every five (5) years. 

It happened in a particular adoption Application, where the Judge stated that the family had to bring the child back for a visit after five years.  It does not cut across all adoption applications. 

Each adoption application is handled differently by a particular Judge and depending on the child’s background.  So it’s not true that each Court Order has such a clause. 

This is a great burden off of our minds. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. We would love continued prayers that this would not affect our process.

Thank you all for reading, sharing, and praying!

Conor, Carling, and Ciahna