Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update and Praise

Today Carling got a call from someone at Heartfelt Calling, which is somehow involved with DSS in adoption. They were just asking how things were going with our adoption. It is very encouraging having the people we work with who are helping and checking up on us.

Anyways, Carling told her where we were in the process, and she was very impressed, and said we were about halfway done with the whole process (minus waiting time)! That is an awesome thing, considering how overwhelming the giant packet of stuff was at the beginning.

It is also a huge testament to Carling's diligence and hard work in getting the paperwork done soon. If it were up to me, we would still need to call to get started :). Diligence in paperwork is not my strong suit, but praise God He gave me a wife who is great at it!

Even though we are relieved at this great news, we still need lots of prayer for continued diligence and patience.

Thanks for reading and praying.

Conor, Carling, and Ciahna

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