Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello everyone. Good news! We are almost completely done with our paperwork (all due to Carling's vigilance  of course)! Our goal is to finish our paperwork and send it in before we leave for Florida for Christmas. We still have to have our physicals (all of us), and fingerprints (this Saturday afternoon).

Please pray for us to be diligent with this, but also that we would trust in the Lord and await His timing.

Our next step after all this paperwork is attending training classes, and having some inspections by the Fire Marshall. Then would be home studies and interviews. And then some waiting - which will be the hardest part!

We appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

Happy Adoption Month! Take some time to talk about adoption, both physical and spiritual, and pray for orphans around the world, that God would bring them a loving family, and peace.

Soli Deo Gloria

-Conor, Carling, and Ciahna

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  1. Dude, praying for you guys. We have several friends that have adopted and it has been on our hearts for the past seven years to do so as well. Awaiting God's timing. Exciting to read your story of adoption.