Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Visit #2

We were able to take the kids home for the afternoon today, and Ciahna got to meet them, which was awesome. They all slept well and played well, and fun was had by all (especially Carling). It was hard to take them back, though.

Here's an update on the schedule for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Carling will pick Conor Burke up in the morning and bring him back home. He will get to spend Wednesday night here, so he can get more familiar with us and his new house.

Carling will take him back Thursday morning and bring Teagan here for the afternoon (but not the night), for the same thing.

Carling will get them both on Friday, and they will spend Friday night, and possibly Saturday night with us as well. It would be amazing if they were able to go to church with us!

Now, depending on who you talk to, they could be permanently placed either over the weekend, on Monday, or on Tuesday (or later). Obviously we vote for the weekend, but we don't get the final say.

So here are some things for which you can be praying:

That we would have trust and faith in God that His plan is being worked out, and that our babies will be home soon, when the time is right.

That Conor Burke and Teagan would have a really easy transition, as that would be better for them and speed up the process a bit.

That Carling and the kids would be safe driving to and from the foster home (it's over 100 miles round trip, and Carling will be making it twice some days).

And most of all that God would be glorified in our family through this whole process.

Oh, and a praise: we were able to buy a van today (actually tonight on my way home from Spartanburg)! It's a bit older, but relatively low miles and works great, and it was very affordable. If you're in the market for a used car, go to McKinney in Easley, and ask for Riley - he was great (he even gave me some advice on hunting rifles).

Thanks for reading, and especially for praying. We appreciate you and thank God for you and your prayers!

Conor, Carling, Ciahna, Conor Burke, and Teagan

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