Friday, January 10, 2014

Visits #3-5

The week has been going amazingly well!

As I write this post, all the kids are fed, washed, read to, prayed up, and bedded down, and have been so for half an hour (that's by 7:30 y'all). I (Conor) take less than no credit for this. I would be utterly lost (in more than one way) without that sweet girl God blessed me with. She's a star.

We have them for at least tonight and tomorrow, and possibly for the whole weekend. We are really praying that they will be able to stay with us permanently this weekend, and not have to go back. It's been pretty tough on everyone, as it's a good two hour round-trip. We also don't totally understand how it's good for the kids to be going back and forth when they're so comfortable with us already. Before we met them, we were praying that the Holy Spirit would prepare everyone and help us all be comfortable with each other, and it's amazing to see how that has been happening.

We would love it if you would pray for us this weekend. We have some people from DSS visiting tomorrow, and we are really hoping they'll see how comfortable the kids are here, and that it would be better if they were just able to stay.

Thanks again so much, and if you see us about, be sure to ask if you can see some of the adorable pictures we've taken.

Conor, Carling, Ciahna, Conor Burke, and Teagan

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